Collectors and Researchers

The following non-commercial sites are maintained by private individuals who are active in the Society. They may feature photographs of instruments in their personal collections or details of their private research interests. The Society does not vouch for the accuracy of the content of such sites but, in each case, it has deemed that the site is likely to be of interest to other members and the wider public.

  • David Riches (UK): Mathematical Instruments, A Private Collection
  • Fons Vanden Berghen (Belgium): Telegraph Instruments of Europe
  • Julian Holland (Australia): Scientific Instrument Makers and Retailers in Australia [inter alia]
  • Neil Handley (UK): Research Interests: Monuments of Science
  • Nicolas de Hilster (Netherlands): Research Interests: Nautical Instruments / Land Survey Instruments
  • Oronzo Mauro (Italy): Old Measurement  with focus on Electricity, Metrology and old scientific  Instrument makers advertising
  • Peter de Clercq (UK): 18th century auction catalogues of scientific instruments
  • Stephen Johnston (UK): Mathematical and astrological instruments / Benjamin Martin / Thomas Hood / Jacopo Aconcio / Web Projects

If you are an individual member of the Society and would like us to link to your personal website contact the webmaster. Please note that the Committee's decision on whether to include a site is final.

The eleven supplementary appendices to Peter de Clercq's Bulletin article on the instrument maker William Storer (September 2008) are available as a pdf (167 KB)

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