Grant Aided Projects

The SIS Grants Programme began in 2006 and the following awards have been made:

Boris Jardine  (Cambridge)
The scientific instrumentation of the astronomer Charles Piazzi Smyth (2010).
Talk: "One vast headless society": Charles Piazzi Smyth and the material culture of anti-internationalism, Artefacts XVII, Edinburgh, 8 October 2012.

Jane Draycott (Nottingham)
Medical Instruments in Roman Egypt (2010)
Published: ‘Medical and Surgical Instruments in Roman Egypt: Evidence from the Documentary Papyri’, SIS Bulletin 107 (Dec 2010), pp. 18-20.

Boris Jardine (Cambridge)
The scientific instrumentation of the astronomer Charles Piazzi Smyth (2010)

Ignacio Suay Matallana (Valencia)
Secondary-school science collections in Spain (2010)

Martin Willis (Glamorgan)
The telescopic practices of specific nineteenth-century astronomers (2010)

Dana Freiburger (Wisconsin)
The collections of Stonyhurst College (2009)
Published: ‘The History of Scientific Instruments at Stonyhurst College, Lancashire, England’, SIS Bulletin 106 (Sept 2010), pp. 20-30.

Samuel Gessner (Lisbon)
The relationship between the Schissler globe in Sintra and Caspar Vopell’s 1532 design of a celestial globe (2009)
Published: ‘The Vopelius-Schissler Connection: Transmission of Knowledge for the Design of Celestial Globes in the 16th Century’, Bulletin of the Scientific Instrument Society, 104 (March 2010), pp. 32-42.

Michael Korey (Dresden)
The instruments at Skokloster (2009)

Shae Trewin (New Haven)
The instruments and archives of the astronomer Leonard Waldo (2009)

Günther Oestmann (Bremen)
German marine chronometer manufacture in the 18th century (2008)

Alfons Renz (Tübingen)
Christian Freidrich Belthle, co-founder of Leitz, Wetzlar (2008)

Ron Thompson (Toronto)
Critical edition of pseudo-Masha'allah on the astrolabe (2008)

Stanley Greenberg (New York)
Photography of particle detectors (2007)

Shae Trewin (New Haven)
Derek Price and the origins of the Yale instrument collection (2006).
Published: ‘The Curatorial Legacy of Derek de Solla Price’, SIS Bulletin 99 (Dec 2008), pp. 11-16.

Alexi Baker (Oxford)
Archival research on 18th-century London instrument makers (2006).
Talk: ‘The instrument trade in London, 1700-1750’, SIS AGM, Oxford, 22 July 2006.
Published: ‘Reading Between the Lines: The Instrument Trade in the Newspapers of Early 18th Century London’, SIS Bulletin 102 (Sept 2009), pp. 12-18.

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