Annual Invitation (Medal) Meetings

Since 1993, the Society has invited eminent scholars in the field to deliver a lecture, for which they can be awarded the Society Medal. These are usually held in London, in November. As a rule, the lectures are then published in the Bulletin. Since 2004, these events have been followed by a buffet reception, open to all.

  • 1993 Robert Anderson at the Society of Antiquaries
  • 1994 David King at the Society of Antiquaries
  • 1995 John Heilbron at the Royal Institution
  • 1996 John Leopold at the Royal Institution
  • 1997 Allan Chapman at the Society of Antiquaries
  • 1998 David Bryden at the Royal Institution
  • 1999 John North at the Society of Antiquaries
  • 2000 A.D. Baynes-Cope at the Linnaean Society
  • 2001 Michael Cooper at the Society of Antiquaries
  • 2002 Gerard Turner at the Society of Antiquaries
  • 2003 Michael Wright at the Society of Antiquaries
  • 2004 Anita McConnell at the Society of Antiquaries
  • 2005 Paolo Brenni at the Society of Antiquaries
  • 2006 Willem Mörzer Bruyns at the Society of Antiquaries
  • 2007 Deborah Jean Warner at the Society of Antiquaries
  • 2008 Jim Bennett at the Society of Antiquaries
  • 2009 Mara Miniati at the Society of Antiquaries
  • 2010 Liba Taub at the Society of Antiquaries
  • 2011 Jeremy Collins at the Society of Antiquaries
  • 2012 Willem Hackmann at the Society of Antiquaries
  • 2013 Gloria C. Clifton at the Society of Antiquaries

These lectures were published as follows:

R.G.W. Anderson, 'People and Museums: Expectations and Responses'
A brief report by Helen Turner appeared in SIS Bulletin 40 (1994), p. 15

David A. King, 'Making Instruments Talk: Some Medieval Astronomical Instruments and Their Secrets'
SIS Bulletin 44 (1995), 5-12

John L. Heilbron, 'Churches as Scientific Instruments'
SIS Bulletin 48 (March 1996), 4-9.

J.H. Leopold, 'Mechanical Globes circa 1500-1650'
SIS Bulletin 53 (June 1997), 5-8.

Allan Chapman, 'Gresham College: Scientific Instruments and the Advancement of Useful Knowledge in Seventeenth-Century England'
SIS Bulletin 56 (March 1998), 6-13.

D.J. Bryden, 'From 16th century London to 19th century Philadelphia. A peregrination through three centuries of instrument advertising and ephemera'
SIS Bulletin 61 (June 1999), 4-10.

John North, 'The Astrolabe and the Imagination'
SIS Bulletin 64 (March 2000), 3-6.

A.D. Baynes-Cope, 'A Scientist and Instruments'
SIS Bulletin 68 (March 2001), 6-9.

Michael Cooper, 'From Graduations on Metal to Binary Biphase Modulation, or From Land and Hydrographic Surveying to Geomatics'
SIS Bulletin 72 (March 2002), 2-10.

Gerard L'E Turner, 'Scientific Instruments: Why?'
SIS Bulletin 76 (March 2003), 2-4.

M.T. Wright, 'The Scholar, the Mechanic and the Antikythera Mechanism: complementary approaches to the study of an instrument'
SIS Bulletin 80 (March 2004), 4-11.

Anita McConnell, 'Instrument Makers in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography'
SIS Bulletin 84 (March 2005), 3-8.

Paolo Brenni, 'Artist and Engineer: The Saga of 19th Century French Precision Industry'
SIS Bulletin 91 (Dec 2006), 2-11.

Willem Mörzer Bruyns, 'The Navigating Instruments of the National Maritime Museum Greenwich: Research in Progress'
SIS Bulletin 92 (March 2007), 23-28.

Deborah Jean Warner, 'Scientific Instruments and Quality Control'
SIS Bulletin 96 (March 2008), 2-8.

Jim Bennett, 'Sundials and the Rise and Decline of Cosmography in the Long Sixteenth Century'
SIS Bulletin 101 (June 2009), 4-9.

Mara Miniati, 'From the Astrolabe to the Telescope: Scientific Marvels in Medicean Florence'
SIS Bulletin 104 (March 2010), 2-7.

Liba Taub, 'Collecting Challenges for the Future'
SIS Bulletin 110 (September 2011), 5-13.

Jeremy Collins, 'Raiders of the Lost Archive: Sultan Murad III and All That!'
SIS Bulletin 113 (June 2012), 38-42.

Willem Hackmann, 'Spectacular Science through the Magic Lantern'
SIS Bulletin 116 (March 2013), 30-41.

Gloria C. Clifton, 'British Scientific Instrument Makers 1851-1914'
SIS Bulletin 120 (March 2014), 2-11.

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